Chalk&Chocolate with Natalija Gros Trailer

Duración 4:06
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Publicado 28-02-2008 · 03-10-2012 en ViaclasicaTV
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Autor Jure Breceljnik
Descripción Chalk&Chocolate
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Directed by Jure Breceljnik
Camera Jure Breceljnik, Jernej Valenčič
Compositing Erik Kapfer, Gorazd Kernel
Production FilmIT
Producer Erik Kapfer

Festivals And Awards 2009 International Mountain Film Festival in Cankarjev dom: the documentary won two awards (Best Climbing Movie, Audience Award).

The film is a story of one of the best climbers in the world Natalija Gros, who struggles to climb one of the most challenging verticals in Slovenia: Histerija (8c+) in Mišja peč. The camera follows Natalija’s story during her conquering the Histerija and during the climbing season (trainings, competitions, injuries, testings).

Natalija is the first woman in Slovenija to climb such a difficult wall (8c+). So far, only a few female climbers in the world have succeeded in acquiring such a result.

“The documentary is a depiction of my climbing, my career and trainings, it concentrates on my climbing the Histerija and the ups and downs during the season; it is about my impulses, temptations, hidden wishes and everything that has kept me in the world of climbing till today.” Natalija Gros
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