Duración 2:48
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Publicado 23-06-2017 · 28-06-2017 en ViaclasicaTV
Autor Al Aire Films
Descripción If summer gets too hot in Mallorca, you don't really have a choice but go deep water soloing! And when you finally fall you don't feel upset at all but actually totally relieved because of the refreshing water and a relaxing swim.
We have been filming in Cala Varques at Metrosexual cave with Richie Ramos (Mex), Aaron Nattrass (UK) and Pep Malo (ES).
With Kiernan Tong we have been filming at Port Pi, something in between Mucho mi (8b+) and Mexa (7b).
Shot with 4K drone images and subject detailed pictures.
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