Reconnections, New Beginnings and a 390 ft. highline

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Autor Grant Thompson
On the longest day of 2011, Jerry Miszewski and Alexander Schulz walked the longest highline to date(375 ft.) in France. On shortest day of 2011, again, they walked the longest highline to date (390ft.) at a gorge in California. Jerry walked it first with two half mans in the same direction, and Alex walked it shortly afterwards in the same direction. Alex was sent to the States by Elephant Slacklines, and has been absolutely killing it and making history.

Unfortunately, I didn't get too many good shots of Jerry, so this edit is mainly Alex until the last few clips.

The song is Recurring by Bonobo

If anyone has any questions about highlining or how to get started with it, feel free to send me a message or check out
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