Serendipity - A Spanish adventure in Great Britain


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Descripción Jose moved to Sheffield in November 2012 from Spain. When he first arrived in the UK he wasn’t expecting to do much outdoor climbing, he had heard about The Climbing Works the local bouldering gym and knew that the Peak District was close by. He was aware that a little bit of outdoor climbing could be found in the area flanking Sheffield but nothing particularly good...
This video illustrates Jose’s discovery of UK climbing from bouldering to trad climbing and on to sport. His drive to experience the full flavour of climbing in the UK made him focus on classic lines recommended by local climbers and this video is highlighted with his ascents of the following [in order of appearance]:
Boulders: Abre Los Ojos 7c+, Zombie Nation 7c+, Zarzamora 8a, Fuyu 7c+, West Side Story 7b+, The Terrace 7c, Brass Monkeys 7c, Deliverance 7b+, Brad Pit 7c, Not To Be Taken Away 6c, Black Crow 7c+, Beretta 7a+, Keen Roof 8b
Trad routes: Big Air E6 6b, Ulysses E6 6b, Unfamiliar E8 6c, Balance It Is E7 6c, Meshuga E9 6c
Sport routes: Mecca 8b+, True North 8c

This film was produced by Abstract Normality Media.
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