Ueli Steck in Les Drus "North Couloir Direct" (VI, Al 6+, M8)


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Descripción Last winter, we were with Ueli Steck, Mathieu Maynadier and Jérôme Para in "Les Drus - North Couloir Direct" (VI, Al 6+, M8, 800m) for the shooting of the SITTA Harness video (https://youtu.be/9R9lLaRfrkk). In location like Les Drus, with the camera of Bertrand Delapierre, you are guaranteed to get a lot of excellent alpine climbing footage. And as a filmmaker, it's a always frustrating to only use a few seconds of footage from such a great shoot. That's why we're releasing this series of rough cuts. Turn up the volume, relax, and enjoy some beautiful climbs.

Camera :
Bertrand Delapierre and Guillaume Broust

Zikali - "Lost in Fog" (http://www.zikali.com)

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