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Descripción A few weeks ago I got an invite to an event called "Attack the Fishers" where Rock Climbers, Highliners, and B.A.S.E Jumpers would get together to experience THREE radial sports happening at the same time in the Fisher Towers of Moab. Basically, the Fishers were like a playground for adults. There was so much to do and so little time! Here is an edit from some footage I compiled. Thanks SO much to all the athletes involved in this event. I am so inspired to push the limits further and work with more extraordinary athletes in the future. - Emily

The credits came out really funny, here is what you missed:

Athletes: Emily Sukiennik, Hayley Ashburn, Quinn Carrasco, Richard Webb, Laurent Frat, Kresta Christensen, Mario Richard, Ryan Matson

Photos and Filming By: Emily Sukiennik, Quinn Carrasco & Richard Webb

Editing by: Emily Sukiennik

Music: Intro by M83
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