Holtanna - big wall aid climbing and base jumping in Antarctica

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Descripción More pictures and full story here: http://bit.ly/I4aAzC
In November 2009, four adventurers (Sam Beaugey, Manu Pellissier, Seb Collomb-Gros and Géraldine Fasnacht) decided to try something never done before: an expedition through Antarctica, this wild frozen land, in order to do all kind of mountain sports: skiing, aid climbing, snow kiting, paragliding and base jumping...

Music cue sheet :
00:10 - Black Era "Shielded"
02:50 - Roger Subirana "Point of no return"
05:45 - Tryad "Beauty"
13:03 - Alexander Blu "Emptiness"

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01:24 - Dziahn "Wai Dubber"
07:02 - eKoman "Project echo"
09:30 - eKoman "The Time"
12:28 - eKoman "Shake that body"
13:30 - eKoman "Kite glide"

Those soundtracks are available on:

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