Kevin Jorgeson | Blue Collar | Grade V, 5.13d | First Free Ascent | Higher Cathedral Spire

Duración 11:44
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Publicado 18-12-2019 · 22-01-2020 en ViaclasicaTV
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Autor Digital Stoke Media
Descripción After his historic first free ascent of the Dawn Wall, on El Capitan, Kevin Jorgeson needed another project - out of the limelight. He found it on Higher Cathedral Spire. Kevin spent more than 50 days, spread over two and a half years, before completing Blue Collar, 5.13d, leading all the pitches in a one-day push.


A Digital Stoke Media Production

Producer: Agron Inc.
Producer: Greg Thomsen
Producer: John Long
Director: Ted Distel
Editor: Ted Distel

Climber: Kevin Jorgeson
Climber: Ben Rueck

Camera 1: Jeff Rueppel
Camera 2: Ted Distel
Camera 3: Ryan Sheridan
Original Music: Pat Dimitri
Motion Graphics: Ted Distel
Title Graphics: Ted Distel
Rigging Team: Ryan Sheridan
Rigging Team: Pricilla Mewborne
Rigging Team: Chris Seefoo
Rigging Team: Justin Olsen

Additional Photography: Kirk Keeler
Additional Photography: Tamara Robbins
Additional Photography: John Evans

Special Thanks to Yosemite National Park & the United States Park Service.

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