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Autor Goovinn
Descripción What´s it like flying down a mountain at 250 km/h? Espen Fadnes - The World’s Fastest Flying Human Being 2010 - teamed up with Project Managers Goovinn to communicate the experience of flying. ”SENSE OF FLYING” came out of the collaboration.

Turn up the volume, experience it, share it: SENSE OF FLYING

Film by: Stavfel Produktion, Goovinn, Espen Fadnes
Idea: Espen Fadnes/Paul Göransson/Lars Idmyr
Wingsuiting: Espen Fadnes
Cameras: Carl Johan Engberg, Paul Göransson, Espen Fadnes, Lars Idmyr, Kjersti Eide
Car driver + helping hand: Even Flo

Special thanks to: The village Flo for hospitality and help.

For project or media related questions, please contact Project Manager Paul Göransson at

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