Ueli Steck in Les Drus "North Couloir Direct" (VI, Al 6+, M8)

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Publicado 17-03-2016 · 18-03-2017 en ViaclasicaTV
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Autor Petzl Sport
Descripción Last winter, we were with Ueli Steck, Mathieu Maynadier and Jérôme Para in "Les Drus - North Couloir Direct" (VI, Al 6+, M8, 800m). In location like Les Drus, with the camera of Bertrand Delapierre, you are guaranteed to get a lot of excellent alpine climbing footage. And as a filmmaker, it's a always frustrating to only use a few seconds of footage from such a great shoot. That's why we're releasing this series of rough cuts. Turn up the volume, relax, and enjoy some beautiful climbs.

Film directed by Guillaume Broust

Camera work by Bertrand Delapierre

Zikali - "Lost in Fog" (http://www.zikali.com)

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