World's Fastest Person to Climb the Matterhorn | Dani Arnold

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Autor Red Bull
Descripción Dani Arnold set a new time world record climbing Matterhorn in Switzerland.

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Straddling the border between Switzerland and Italy, The Matterhorn it's one of the three great north faces of the Alps, its jagged edges tracing to a sharp point in the sky. While laypeople may only know it from the packaging of Toblerone chocolate bars, the Matterhorn has an illustrious history, particularly the stunning north face. Another milestone has now been entered into its timeline, as Swiss mountaineer Dani Arnold has set a blazingly fast new record on the route, reaching the summit in only 1 hour 46 minutes, shaving a full 10 minutes off Ueli Steck's record, set in 2009. See highlights of the climb in the video above.

It's considered to be one of the riskiest climbs in the Alps. In fact, the Matterhorn is one of the deadliest peaks in Europe, with over 500 alpinists believed to have died on the mountain. Big ups to Dani for pushing the limits of what he loves to do, and pull off one helluva climb.

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